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First Choice Auto Towing Service Toms River New Jersey Private Parking Signs

First Choice Auto Towing Service

Proudly providing Private Parking Sign enforcement towing services to the residents of Tom’s River, New Jersey

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Be Rid of Unwanted Vehicles

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Remove Unlicensed Vehicles

Say Goodbye To Abandoned Cars

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Free Up Space For Tenants

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More Customer Parking


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Improve Your Property's Looks

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Trust First Choice Towing For all Your Parking Enforcement Needs. Take back your tenant’s space.

  • No Parking Zones

  • Handicap Violations
  • Fire lane Violations
  • Parking Permits
  • Towing & Parking Signs
  • Parking on Sidewalks & Curbs
  • Parking on Sidewalks & Curbs



Effective Parking Control

First Choice Auto Towing provides effective parking solutions for all types of potentially problematic parking situations. We provide and install all necessary private parking sings and then inspect and monitor your lot on a regular basis, or per your instructions. This allows us to quickly and effectively eliminate your problem.



Customized Parking Solutions

Using a combination of private parking signs and effective monitoring and removal of offending vehicles, we are quickly able to gain compliance from both tenants and visitors to your property. Rather than punitive in nature or system’s intent is to deter future mistakes or bad behavior. We can design customized solutions to your parking issues.



Timely Notification

First Choice always remains in strict compliance with the law. After a vehicle has been removed we will inform the police department or sheriff’s office and provide them with the necessary information. The vehicle owner can either call the police or use the information provided on our private parking signs to retrieve their vehicle.

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